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Originally Posted by Allen Burgess View Post
I covered the wash tub pump motor and neo tube magnet with a ceramic pot, and got the same lift effect on the plastic dinner plate suspended overhead; So it's definitely the magnetic vortex supplying the lift not he air draft.

The thumbnail sketch below illustrates the direction of diametric tube magnet spin and the plane of the spiraling "A" vector that projects outward away from the magnet. This spiraling field forms a "Magnetic Cushion":

The plastic plate is non-magnetic, but there's a "Lenz Effect" from the magnetic vortex that generates an electrical field. This is causing a powerful static repulsion.
I don't know what to say Allen....Amazing! Just fricking Amazing. You're the man....very inspirational work Allen.

This is because of the Gadgetmall Coanda ya know. So that is now a virtual success story really.

Gadgetmall Coanda OU UFO.

Starting to come together for me mentally now. Took time to study the first patent and now see clearly, I think, the links to the ARV's system.

Originally Posted by Allen Burgess View Post
Take a look at this patent. Vortexing magnetic field on the horizontal plane:

Link to "Rotating Electrostatic Propulsion System":
I am now studying the second patent.
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