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Originally Posted by ET-Power View Post
You're the man Gambier and onto it!!!!

Keep at it man!
Actually I think it's Allen that's the man but thanks.

As for your sighting, well I've seen one myself quite clearly for about 2 or 3 seconds, basically hovering over the house a few thousand feet up and it also took off at a several thousands of miles per hour. I'm guessing mach 6 or higher. Really it was so blindingly fast that no human eye could track it. At 32 frames per second you're going to get 2 or 3 frames in that one second with which to decide if you've actually seen something, so unless you see it sitting still you're just not going see the thing because it's moving that fast.

Totally believe you ET. There was a good video captured recently of a triangular craft like the one I saw. That one was captured over Mt. Baldy in California. It was a ways off, but clear and the best one I'd seen so far, but then the poster removed the video after only a couple days and there are no copies on Scrub Tube. I asked the poster if he was visited by men in black (gov-corp stooges) and he just said to forget about the video. That it must have been swamp gas, a balloon, his imagination.

We got er figured just give it up: We is hip to the trip now.

I feel it's coming together now. That we have a solid idea how it works and what the primary parts to the machine are. It's just a matter of time now.
People have the information now. They cannot stop the outcome any longer.

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