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Prostate Enlargement Normal

Prostate collects poisons and is a protection. It stops you from
going pee if enlarged and when you have a bowel movement
it's swollen condition can hurt very badly. All men begin to get
an enlarging, however great or tiny starting normally at age 40 years.

No one in your family who is old will explain this to you because
either they don't understand what is happening to them or they are
to embarrassed to talk about growing old issues with the younger.

At age 50-60 years over half the population of men begin to
experience the reduced ability to urinate in the middle of the night,
rising as many as 4-6 times in a pattern of broken sleep.

In this condition you could died if you get passed a beer or two at
a party or family reunion. The hops in beer can cause a huge reaction
that turns off your urinary track completely. If you had a few and this
happens all of the toxic poisons that need to be relieved from your
system now recirculate through your entire body for days until
such time as your system may begin functioning.

This happened to me 1 month ago. I use to have a beer when I was
a kid 30 years ago but stopped. One night after all those years I drank
a glass 10oz or two of after dinner wine like I had done 10-20 times
over the past 30 years with no troubles. Then I had 1 glass of beer.

My mind went completely out on me as if I were having a poison
dream at night. Suddenly I went from feeling fine to completely
paralyzed with toxic waste that I could no longer expel from my
body. I was in a terrible unclean state of mind and body for 5 days
until I was rushed to the ER.

My emotions were out of control, my mind was in a state of blacking
out for hours and while people around me knew something was wrong
they had no idea what. I cried for 8 days trying and hoping my body
would begin to work right as I stood over the stool every 15 minutes
for 5 days of exhaustion.

I will continue this soon. If you are unaware that males begin this
enlargement process at age 40 year, BEWARE, be educated and
be safe. No one will warn you.

You could died from it and no one would understand why.

Here is an example of why it may hurt to use the bathroom as
you get older. Follow the instruction in the link if you want to
be protected. GMO foods are the worst offenders and in my opinion
are a bio-weapon used to damage healthy function.

Even the beer now is GMO. Be careful and don't let one ignorant
moment claim your life.

Look at the chart men. Bladder and prostate.



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