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Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
I have to say this is kind of shocking...actually...
I say this because it occurred to me that what I've posted could be mistaken for plagiarism, low level plagiarism, but plagiarism nevertheless.
Well I had no knowledge of this patent, and I doubt that I would have understood it had I not done the work that I have in trying to make sense
of the ARV.

This is interesting; the patent says -"7. Electric polarity switching of the fields in order to reverse the spacetime curvature and therefore change the direction of thrust."This ties in with the ferroeletics and crystals; which is making more sense now because of the amount of money being put in to R&D in those fields

"8. The use of a magnetic vortex generator located above each thruster in order to permeate the cylinders and rings with low density hyperspace energy which would substitute for the embedded magnets in each cylinder."
You're the man Gambier and onto it!!!!

Keep at it man!
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