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Originally Posted by Allen Burgess View Post
Take a look at this patent. Vortexing magnetic field on the horizontal plane:

Link to "Rotating Electrostatic Propulsion System":



The invention, which is the object of my present application, is a spacecraft propulsion system which develops a spacetime curvature tension utilizing a combination of a rotating radial electrostatic field and a fixed vertical electrostatic field. The two fields create a stress-energy Tzr gradient in the radially direction which is equal to force. The radial field is created on the side of a charged rotating cylinder on the underside of the hull. The vertical field is created by an annular charged ring concentric with the cylinder. Three rotating cylinders are located in a triangle on the bottom of the hull in order to produce a force in any direction in the horizontal plane.

I have to say this is kind of shocking...actually...
I say this because it occurred to me that what I've posted could be mistaken for plagiarism, low level plagiarism, but plagiarism nevertheless.
Well I had no knowledge of this patent, and I doubt that I would have understood it had I not done the work that I have in trying to make sense
of the ARV.

This is interesting; the patent says -"7. Electric polarity switching of the fields in order to reverse the spacetime curvature and therefore change the direction of thrust."This ties in with the ferroeletics and crystals; which is making more sense now because of the amount of money being put in to R&D in those fields

"8. The use of a magnetic vortex generator located above each thruster in order to permeate the cylinders and rings with low density hyperspace energy which would substitute for the embedded magnets in each cylinder."

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