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Magnetic vortex generator


Here it is, your tornado theory at work:



The idea for this coil configuration comes from the observation of powerful thunderstorms, as described by physicist Dr. Richard Feynman in his Lectures on Physics, a copy of which is enclosed as a reference. Upon reading his explanation, I realized that the thunderstorm is actually a hyperspace physics phenomenon.


After the passage of a large lightning storm, people have observed that a car tire rim has merged with the trunk of a tree growing in the ground. Due to the large branches of the tree, there is no possible way that it could slide down the branches and around the trunk. It was observed also that a straw of wheat became embedded in the hard wood of a telephone pole. It turns out that the thunderstorm offers an explanation as to how this can occur.


After reading Feynman's explanation, it can be seen that the key to this phenomenon is that there is a downward and an upward lightning bolt, sometimes occurring together if the leader branches into two paths. Bolts of lightning also like to strike tall objects such as telephone poles or trees. Now an electrical current moving downward produces a clockwise magnetic B field, as seen from above. On the return stroke, the current is moving upward which produces a counterclockwise magnetic B field. Thus the thunderstorm produces two huge bucking magnetic B fields which is the magnetic geometry of this magnetic vortex generator. Using my tetrahedron diagram, I will then show that the low density hyperspace energy with its low speed of light is able to pull the rim out of dimension so that it can merge with the tree at the moment the lightning strikes.
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