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Originally Posted by RAMSET View Post
This all started when a thread from a new member Evostar was forcibly taken over by Allen [I am uncertain how ignore function would solve this]
a quote from Evostar here

Evostar reply to Allen [on Evostar's thread]
Allen Burgess,
With all respect I kindly but urgently ask you to start your own thread.

I do NOT like your words:
"you're a shameless scoundrel,
you deceptive trouble maker"

and then this particular thread was started when Allen decided to derail an MJN thread .

I erased the intro as I do not do "fights" and opened this thread for discussion.

here is that link
M.J. Nunnerley Open source STEAP method

It is all here ,I never insulted or used abusive language .

and then the second attempt to start Mikes thread here

Michael J Nunnerly's STEAP TPU ideas

Again the ignore function is not going to help with this ?

I will gladly respect Allen's threads and always have ,not once has a nasty word crossed my Keyboard or disrupted a thread he started here.

and I never engage in schoolyard antics and threats anywhere.

such is not the case with Allen

Chet K

Just drop it!
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