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Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
Just reporting in Allen. Still with you on this. I've been off in the wilds collecting data and am in process of examining it. What I've found is a cross over to the ARV thread, as one might expect it would actually. Keep in mind here that while it might not appear that I'm with you on the magnetic/charged particle/pyrolitic carbon....I am...OK? Computing...

So I re-examined a little known saucer vehicle known as the Northrup Ns-97. There seems to be extremely little information on the design. This is an interesting story. Nick Stasinos was a graduate of the Northrup school of aviation.

The Northrop NS-97 concept, was designed by Nick Stasinos in 1950. Nick was an engineering graduate of the Northrop Aeronautical Institute. Stasinos's disc had a revolving outer shell and held eight turbo-jet ports. The center of the disc stayed stationary, along with the cockpit for the pilot. Two main jets provided the push and the eight turbo-jets provided the spin. The original Stasinos photos are archived at the Project SIGN Research Center. Interestingly, I think, Stasino's died on one of Los Angeles freeways. Supposedly by way of heart attack. Remember here....this is 1950.

The design was featured in The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah Page 24. 1950 A tiny thumbnail image can be seen here of that page.

You want to go here. You need Chrome or a translate

and here

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