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Just reporting in Allen. Still with you on this. I've been off in the wilds collecting data and am in process of examining it. What I've found is a cross over to the ARV thread, as one might expect it would actually. Keep in mind here that while it might not appear that I'm with you on the magnetic/charged particle/pyrolitic carbon....I am...OK? Computing...

So I re-examined a little known saucer vehicle known as the Northrup Ns-97. There seems to be extremely little information on the design. This is an interesting story. Nick Stasinos was a graduate of the Northrup school of aviation.

The Northrop NS-97 concept, was designed by Nick Stasinos in 1950. Nick was an engineering graduate of the Northrop Aeronautical Institute. Stasinos's disc had a revolving outer shell and held eight turbo-jet ports. The center of the disc stayed stationary, along with the cockpit for the pilot. Two main jets provided the push and the eight turbo-jets provided the spin. The original Stasinos photos are archived at the Project SIGN Research Center. Interestingly, I think, Stasino's died on one of Los Angeles freeways. Supposedly by way of heart attack. Remember here....this is 1950.

The design was featured in The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah Page 24. 1950 A tiny thumbnail image can be seen here of that page.

You want to go here. You need Chrome or a translate

and here

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