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Originally Posted by RAMSET View Post
You got me

M.J. Nunnerley Open source STEAP method

Yup ,I confess ,when I ask a man for permission to start a thread
sharing a very big part of his lifes work

I take it very seriously, I feel privileged to share these things ..
open source with others.

and when the first comments are like what you posted 3 machinegun posts in
a row....

yeah ,I will shut down the topic and point to you.

you can say whatever you want here ..but that is the truth.

It happened a few times at Stefan's with Smudges work and once with
Graham Gunderson's work ,in the case of Graham's work Stefan agreed to install a Moderator to prevent further violations [after moderating the person who was causing an issue ]
and a similar result with Smudges work [moderation of offensive behavior]

over there I can call Stefan and discuss these things, and it always gets sorted
over here I have never had a need to do this ,Nor do I really want to.

Nor am I asking for make believe permanent bans anywhere...

but respecting peoples wishes in threads they start should not be looked at as "girly or baby " behavior.

it was called Respect ...a word which seems lost in the new world
of the internet ,where persons treat each other much differently than if they were in the same room at the same table ,a callousness has taken hold
an indifference to another persons requests or needs.

A man takes the time to share a build and passers by feel they can run around his shop throwing all manner of monkey wrenches and interruptions [Evo's thread here]

odd behavior indeed ?

Just one man's opinion


I had a personal exchange with Magluvin at Overunity and he assured me you're not a puppet of the fossil fuel lobby. I promised him to cut you some slack; So you're off the hook for now.

I also told him that if you continue to cause trouble for me that I was going to make a formal complaint about you to Aaron. Your hero Tinselkoala is not welcome here on this forum because he's arrogant and insulting and responsible for the problem that caused me to counter attack. You turned into an even bigger prick on me over here, but I feel I crapped back on you enough to call it even; So, you go your way and I'll go mine.

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