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Originally Posted by Allen Burgess View Post
Turn the volume down on the soundtrack:
I have been meaning to get back to a couple links you posted.

I've seen Deacken Frosts' video previously. I understand a little more now, and appreciate you posting this video. It's a good video. I can see and understand what he's talking about. I think it's a significant video and worth referring to. I'm not at all sure the ARV is using AC in this way. I think the design of the ARV is more primitive and is involved with extreme DC voltages and atmospheric charging, but I could be wrong since I just don't know enough yet to see one way or the other for sure, but this feeling is partly why I feel the ARV is a very old machine and part of an as yet unknown true history which probably dates back to the last Global War.

For all we know the ARV could be the American knock-off of the Hanabau's. Frankly that's the most likely probability based off all the other revealed lies that have managed to sneak their way out. However, I'm just completely incompetent to judge something like that right now, but that's what I'm seeing.

Another point worth mentioning in my view is the interaction of forces, or the Lorentz force; which I feel is of interest since it's an apparent electromagnetic demonstration of what in rotary wing aircraft would be referred to as precession. Gyroscopic precession is a phenomenon occurring in rotating bodies in which an applied force is manifested 90 degrees later in the direction of rotation from where the force was applied.

While in the Lorentz Force: is the force exerted on a charged particle q moving with velocity v through an electric E and magnetic field B We are talking here about the movement of a charged particle which is in rotation and then acted upon by another force, in this case magnetic. Hence I have to wonder if there is a direct relationship which is the reason for citing gyroscopic precession of rotating objects. Just something I see and wonder if there is precession going on with charged particles moving through a magnetic field: Would seem logical.

Now I think the ideas presented by Deacken Frost are much more in keeping with what I think may be involved with a more advanced drive system, but which evolved quite naturally out of the design of the ARV. I think if you stare long enough and hard enough at the drawings of the ARV you might begin to see a Magnetron inside that thing. Can you see how this method could then replicate a rotating magnetic field without the magnetic field actually rotating?


Negative resistance type
Cyclotron frequency type
Travelling wave or Cavity type

As I've previously mentioned, there is in the ARV hints to associations with microwaves. Now in the Deacken Frost video he shows how the vector of an AC current in both positive and negative fields can interact with a magnetic field to produce an upward force if there is a rotating magnetic field. He then goes on to tell you to watch part 5 of how to create a rotating field, and which doesn't exist, or at least Screw Tube isn't posting it. Why is this? Well it's because the magnetic field is what decides the direction a charged particle will follow.

"The simplest case occurs when a charged particle moves perpendicular to a uniform B-field (Figure). If the field is in a vacuum, the magnetic field is the dominant factor determining the motion. Since the magnetic force is perpendicular to the direction of travel, a charged particle follows a curved path in a magnetic field. The particle continues to follow this curved path until it forms a complete circle. Another way to look at this is that the magnetic force is always perpendicular to velocity, so that it does no work on the charged particle. The particle’s kinetic energy and speed thus remain constant. The direction of motion is affected but not the speed." Nor, might I add, is the kinetic energy of the particle altered.

Now, so far no one has shown me convincing evidence that they have created a rotating magnetic field simply because the magnetic field appears to be in Rodin Coil pattern. Is that a rotating magnetic field or just a magnetic field?

If you cannot make a magnetic field rotate with a high enough frequency to realistically use AC then you could maybe project the charged particles in a pattern and with the required frequency which is high enough to use AC: If that makes any sense, and I'm not sure it does, but I'm speculating here. Maybe you don't need AC and could just do that with DC as well, which is sort of what I am leaning towards as the rationale behind the 48 pie plates capacitors in the base of the ARV.

Now possibly I've answered my own question here about how the ARV works. I'll have to think about this but if you have a powerful magnet, say super conductive, above these so called capacitors, and which are then being fired off in a cycle or cycloid pattern, wouldn't that then pull those charged particles up wards? Is that all that's going on with that thing?

Your thoughts? Anyone?

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