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Hello Gentlemen

Allen I like your fire and need to excel, we should always run that
horse til it drops. I am sorry for all of the others who are somehow
emotionally challenged by your ability to get to the bottom of
things. Be careful with your retaliation against the one who always
rejects you for being you.

Great expose here, keep the fire and COOL nerves, many of us are
able to understand you clearly.

Now then Ramset
How can we speak so harshly against one another with one slam after
another, is this not tiring? Mostly an uncalled for baseless rant? A waste
of time? Why kill your neighbor for mere forgiveness?

Many of us enjoy your presences here Ram-Man you need not show us
how worthy you are to get our vote. You need not prove anything. Allen
has an opinion so let him have it. And you have an opinion, we all
respect that.

Be kind realizing that we all have some good to offer. Let's be friends.

To be a friend you must show that you are friendly, being right all of
the time inside your opinion or dogmatic never giving and inch is unfriendly.

Now I was not at OU when you were deeply offended so i don't
know the grounds for your flames of fury. But what would Allen need
to do to get back on your good side? Would he change everything he
thinks when he explains his view on the universe? What would he
need to do to get some space?

BTW this is not hurting Allen at all, it is you inability to overlook the
faults you say others have, in this case Allen. No one here cares what
you think, you are like an old hen pecking another half dead chicken
who wants to be recognized as cock of the walk.

Now I have been nice to you and I don't think getting out the hammer
will be of value to you as you never receive instruction as constructive,
no tact, always offended, always about how you were injured.

No one cares and no one is going to pet you or Allen.

Relax and offer us what we ask for. Show us your proof in data form
this is what we are here for. And if others data conflicts with your data
don't try to verbally murder them. Murderers go down, didn't you know?

We are here to show off our talents and toys not our personal
meltdowns on into breakdown.

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