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I want to make sure I have a correct understanding; I know this is an old thread, but I have been trying to absorb all the information on this forum, here is what I have taken from this thread:

1. Water can be split by having 2 EM waves in the MHZ range provided they are at a 6x spacing from one another and outside interference is kept to a minimum (one example repeatedly being 120mhz/720mhz, this is undesireable for being to close to the 121.5 MHz emergency frequency for civilian aircraft.

2. Making signals of these frequencies and letting them leak into the environment will get some hostile suits knocking on your doors for obvious reasons.

3. To stabilize the product of this phenomenon compressed air/nitrogen must be included in the mixture and the resulting ammonia is the more convenient product, hho or whatever you want to call it burns too fast on its own to be useful for anything except a torch.

4. The logical end result of this product is some sort of electrolytic hydrogen/nitrogen reactor trying to minimize/eliminate oxygen side reactions and possibly use the oxygen for something else.

5. 4 + a turbine of some sort seems to be what the researchers here settled on for utilizing this effect.

6. Any parts listed for practical builds end up disappearing via a mysterious force of technology suppression

7. Work suddenly stopped on the project for some reason, and it doesn't seem to be failure.

Have I missed anything?

Can anyone help fill in some details I have missed or correct any misinterpretations, maybe help point me in the direction of more information?

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