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Originally Posted by gambeir View Post
no there's nothing wrong with humans. You have a distorted understanding if you believe that what's wrong in the world is the result of humanity instead of the result of perverted mental defectives, 99% of whom now account for nearly half the global wealth but whom number no more than a few hundred people. Like ya know, gates says he's trying to give his fortune away. Really, well let me help because i'm pretty sure that i can solve that problem and the world will be a hell of a lot better off without him and his friends hording half the monetary wealth while trying to accumulate more.

You want to help solve humanities problems, then feel free to deliver a thermonuclear device to the next bilderberg meeting or the davo's bankster ball in switzerland next time; that ought to solve about 90% of the global problems in one feel swoop. Right now i'm busy trying to help people look at a 70 year old flying machine with more open eyes so that they realize just how badly those other people are screwing all the rest of us while parading around like they were some kind of kings instead of the criminals that we should see them as.
you tell those crooked elite!
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