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Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
Slightly revised- trying to make it more readable

Thanks ET Power. Not to take anything away from Otis or Hamel, because it's clear that there is a foundation behind those machines, and some of which may perhaps be seen in the ARV in the form of the pie shape of the capacitors.

I've thought about some of the relationships of these and other ideas myself. Energy is concentrated at a point where the anther spin inwards towards matter in a decreasing spiral increases the acceleration which should then have a gravitational effect, or so it seems to me, and ideas like those which spring from people like Walter Russell were likely not unknown to the people that built the ARV and there is one interesting thing to note. Russell thought that gravity was the point of intersection of radiant light. So looking at those pie shapes, the way the machine appears, is as a kind of focused energy beam, and which comes to a point, and the fact that there is likely a magnetic field being applied in a spinning orbital plane at 90 degrees to a vertical electromagnetic power flow; well it sort of looks like a model of earth or something similar, and I could be all wrong with what I've thought and said previously.

What we do know is that crystals/quartz is a driving force. This is about as well established as we can expect right now, but all parts are related, and it might well be I am only still seeing part of the motor system. In other words, the ideas of Walter Russel, Hamel, and others may well be incorporated in to the thoughts that went into designing the ARV. Some of them seem to be, but we do know that a vibrational fluxing of the crystalline material is a part of this system, or any other crystalline capacitor, for there is no other reason why it would have to specifically be a quartz crystal that I can think of.

This would follow very conventional ideas about engineering the vacuum of space. See this.

I've watched John Iwaszkos' video on this while taking notes and while stopping the video to draw out what he is showing. I think this is about the clearest understanding I've seen and with a physical demonstration. Just realize he's just using a piece of quartz and not a quartz capacitor.

So the idea here is we/us/me, well at I am pretty confident that the base of this machine is series of 48 pie shaped quartz capacitors as described previously. We think that the pie capacitors fire off at high speeds in counter opposing manner so as to balance the machine with their thrust. They may also be driven in a cyclical or cycloid like manner, and at high speed, thus forming a vortex of pulsations. Reason being there is a probability of chance that there is a relationship to microwave/radar technology involved, and which may become more clear later on.

Many, many, times I've thought that I've gotten this thing figured out only to discover more and more information. We have to realize that even though this machine maybe 50, 60, or even more years old, it's still a machine which was created by brilliant insightful people.

Right now I'm looking for more information on EHD's (*Electro hydrodynamic generators) and also MAP's (*Maneto Plasma Dynamic Generators). I can speculate on the collection process but it's very thin ice. Normally I like to have a reasonable amount of support to my ideas, but here I'm lacking and in the process of discovery.


Notice that in many UFO photos and video's there are areas where there appears to be kind of screening, or a part that seems to resemble a radiator or speaker cover. Something along those lines. In old machines like the ARV this has to do with the power system; the collection of ions from the surrounding environment. The environment is the fuel tank for the center column in my opinion. In newer machines it may have to do with creating a plasma shield.

Right now I think that there is a super-conductive magnet or magnetic cables which, so long as the coolant lasts, is a part of a vacuuming system which collects ions from the environment.

*However this is a big if. I have a lot to learn here and am still researching. It's unclear right now if this proposed vacuuming system involves the silvery grey like disk (*See the sketch I provided) and that disk is located beneath the pilots seats in the ARV drawing by McCandlish, but it could be a a type of super conductive/magnetic accretion disk. The disk would draw in ions which would then be feed to the tornado vortex for separation.

Adding a electron to an uncharged atom makes a negatively charged ion, and removing an electron from an ion makes a positively charged atom. This is the purpose of EHD Tornado in the center column. It takes raw material, which is the surrounding environment, and using the vortex of a tornado it creates the potential for exploitation of these actions. Also note that John Iwaszko tells us that the hull shape is an important part of the capacitor drive, and even though it may not itself be part of the pie capacitors in the ARV design, at least as far we know right now, the preferred shape is that of a classic saucer, with the exterior of the hull carrying a positive charge and would then be a force multiplier.
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TRULY APPRECIATE all of your shared work/research & insights!

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