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Russia crates "safe zones",, Pentagram says that they will bomb them

Russia appears to be QUITE confident in their new weapons and new jamming systems.
On very short notice they announced "safe zones" in Syria.
Top US Scientists Confirm US Goal Now Is To Conquer Russia
Memorandum Creating De-Escalation Zones in Syria
US Has All Information On Syria De-Escalation
Memorandum - Russian Deputy FM
Crazed Pentagon To Continued Airstrikes, Bombing
Operations In The New Syria De-Escalation Zones
Russia Accuses US Of 'Declaration Of War'
Russia Warns Violators Of De-Escalation Memo In Syria
Syria Safe Zone Deal To Begin May 5 Russia

OK, so, Tel Aviv created the gas attack to whip up international sentiment against Assad.
Russia Has Irrefutable Proof Syria's Chemical
Weapons Disaster Was A False Flag

The Pentagram plans to continue airstrikes but, there is a problem;
5/06 Russia set to police Syria safe zones backed by Iran, Turkey Bloomberg
That crazy clown , netanyahooo bombed some sort of depot near Damascus. He also claims that Syria still has many tons of poison gas. Turkey is a member of NATO. Will Pox Americana shoot down NATO planes? Pox Americana can't very well afford to shoot down, Russian, Iranian and Turkish planes. Putin can't very well allow Tel Aviv to bomb whatever they feel like. Tel Aviv has signed a contract to sell the oil in the Golan Heights of Syria.

The Russian jamming system must be pretty good. American pilots were making very few trips into Syria. The neocons may be trying to create a flashpoint but, the jamming system is not the same as an attack. Israel has the new f-35 but, I'm not impressed by them.
This is all part of the pipeline wars. Russia is going ahead with the Turkstream pipeline, The Syrian Pipeline War: How Russia Trumped USA Energy War in the Mideast

So, israel is determined to steal Syrian gas and send it to Europe. Syria is determined to sell Syrian and Russian gas to Europe. These "safe zones" will be a test of armaments and defences.
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