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Originally Posted by Allen Burgess View Post

Based on this saucer design concept below; I plan to glue my spiral bifilar neo magnet spinner and coil to the bottom of a plastic trash cover, suspend the cover from over head by the handle and place the whole thing on a pastry scale to see if any lift appears when the magnet sphere's spun up..
Will be interesting to see what you come up with. Remember here, you're way out in front of me on these kinds of things. Rotorcraft, annular ducted fans, ram jets, and other primitive machines are more my bread and butter. I must confess that I found myself considering steam driven annular fans and wondering if I could stuff that in the middle of a model plane that I'm working on creating a mold for, and which just happens to be a Chance Vought F5-U and that's an ideal aircraft for an annular ducted fan project.

Just finishing up a plug for a paper molding process Im working on of an Embraer AT-27 Tucano and a Nakajima Rufe, but I've got the Vought framed up. My point here is I'm with you in spirit, even if not in math or electrical theory, possibly physics as well. LOl..snort... but the up side is if you can explain it, I can build it. Nevertheless, I completely agree with you that "It would be a lot easier to spin a large magnet inside a "Saucer" then it would be to spin a ducted fan blade!"

Hmm...will have to allow the grey cells to digest this more.

All is not lost however, reconsider the annular ducted fan arrangement for example. A twin contrarotation fan system which eliminates torque, and what are we dealing with here anyways? Possibly we have only half the solution in mind, and it's ever so interesting that you attached this fantastic image of the Hanabau MK III.

Maybe a little wink from Universe going on there.

I've saved that image since I enjoy messing around with photos using GIMP. This is the best image I've seen of the machine. I will be examining that in detail but I can say that this image matches what one could envision if they were aware of the effects you described happening with your own experiment.

I'm going to have to think about all this for a while; You people understand alot of how these ideas might work far better than I do and that's why I joined this forum. All I can say is that it's patently obvious that something works; otherwise we wouldn't have flying saucers. Not all of them are aliens, if any of them are at all, so something has to work and like any other machine there's almost certainly going to be more than one type, one motor, one model.

Part of the point to the ARV thread was to try to trace the history so that we weren't left with 70 years of assorted knowledge in a huge puzzle to try to find parts to and not knowing whether we were missing pieces or not. If you don't know what the history is then trying to eliminate the improbable while assembling an accurate logical chain of developments becomes a crap shoot. I'm well aware that there are links to other experiments which are much more recent and which seem to cross validate the information I've gleaned about how the ARV may work, but injecting it without laying out the history as a logical chain then creates doubts where to put ones efforts, whatever those might be, research, experimenting, whatever. All these things we've covered do that, they are consistant with what one could envision as a historical chain of development, for even the annular ducted fan research is in keeping with this thread since it's somewhat related to schauberger and tornado like vortices.

In a way this semi-reversion back to Nazi Germany is spot on.

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