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The reason is much deeper! Russia and China are already ready to switch to mutual settlements in the equivalent of GOLD (they have enough gold reserves). In the network, this operation is called the operation of the Golden Tsar. Also, an independent electronic system of international mutual transactions was created. If this happens, then the entire Western economy will fall into a tailspin of a deep crisis. Who needs paper money. In his time, President Kennedy wanted to exclude the "paper money system" and return to the "golden system", but was demonstratively killed.

Therefore, we can only pray about how the rulers will behave. The sea of fire will fall on each other, or they will find a compromise. But I do not believe much that the Russians change anything, and they will leave their course for mutual settlements in a gold equivalent.

Fiatleak - watch the world's currencies flow into bitcoin in realtime A year ago 1 Bitcoin cost 600-700 US dollars
Namely, 1 bitcoin is attached to GOLD.

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