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Corona motor along with explanation of atmospheric electricity.

This post is a video of an experiment using atmospheric electricity
the rotating device is electrostatic and uses infinitesimal amounts of current.
Reference source is the book titled " Lectures on Physics. "
by professor Richard Feynman. Vol 2. p9 which is p113 pdf:

In the video note the plastic crate is used to keep works up off the ground because the charge will try to find a path to a ground.
I see some less successful experiments that use a table that might take a long time to charge or cause a leak. Also below the video are list of other related sources. Be careful of HV!

ebay sells small HV converters that use 3V battery or solar cell in case
you don't have a drone copter and reel of wire the solar cell to HV.
see picture 9.1 b How could you rearrange the charge on the man
to lower the lines to have 900V at 1 meter ?

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