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Originally Posted by Allen Burgess View Post

I thought the bottles in the ARV cutaway contained compressed air. Actually that's where I first got the idea from to try on my experimental model Coanda craft.
Hmm, well that would be most distressing if that does prove to be the case (LOl!). Nevertheless, despite how damaging that may be to my all important self, we must follow all paths.

"when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Considering your own thread, this is not out of the question, or is corollary to the ARV, but one thing now seems clear; that there is a history surrounding the ideas now contained in the two threads which I think begins with those ideas of Viktor Schauberger.

Seriously I think there are some direct connections now to what you've been working on, and the things I think are going on with the ARV. In addition, I think now that your idea may hold water, or air as the case may be, and so I'm thinking about what you said and what you're also trying to accomplish, for we are both essentially on the same path.
Gadgetmall Coanda OU UFO.

Could it be that compressed air is used to start the function of a synthetic tornado inside a closed tube, and which subsequently begins a more complex process: Acting as a starter of sorts, or could it be that the process begins as you've suggested and that the center column tube inside the ARV only then becomes a functioning part of an over-all energy system?

As with all invention there is a path, with one thing built upon another, each of us standing on the shoulders of giants as it were.
Dang interesting how this is all working out. Universe must have something going on to cook this right about now.

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