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Originally Posted by p75213 View Post
All of these links are being reported as malware by my browser.
Wow...there is something definitely going on and not all of the monkey business is coming from inside of energetic forum some of it is outside of this site for sure.

I've reported this to the moderator. It isn't just my thread evidently. It looks like all links from the site are doing the same thing.
This is coming from Google which is claiming there is malware on the site. Their idea of malware is basically any information not
officially approved.

A work around is to do a cut and past to a new window.
Highlight and copy, then open a new window and paste.

Seems to be the only solution. Evidently someone doesn't like what's being posted.
Something is going on, and frankly I don't think it's coming from inside the forum.

Last night I located the image from the July 1966 image of a UFO taken by a pilot of a transport aircraft of the USAF; the twin engine military model of a douglas DC-3, called the C-47 "Skytrain," and which took the photo of a reddish ARV like UFO while traveling at about 11 o'clock in the morning, just above the rocky mountains about 40 kilometers southwest of Provo, Utah.

I know what the site is supposed to look like, and it supposed to have a list of years on the RT side which then links to UFO images taken in those years.
Well that's gone, or keeps changing, like someone wants to make others look crazy and paranoid, but right now I can't reach the real site. There's a phony clone site
at the same web address now.

This image was located at an obscure website. Now the only way to that blog is to highlight the link I posted, and then select go to, which leads then to a site which looks about the same, but it cannot be the same site. Impossible, all the UFO photo's by year are now gone and the site has a different layout. I do not believe this is the same site as last night. This is now a cloned site. If you try the link I previously posted it takes you to some similar looking site.

Proof? Highlight and copy and then open a new window and then search. http://

I've done this several times now myself. One time it took me to the image. Three times it took me to a google search page. This just cannot happen by way of malware. It has to be active denial in my opinion.

Search by image
1966 ufo provo utah

Alternatively add the https:// to the below, or highlight copy then past to a new window, do not select got to because it won't.

Only sure fire way to see the photo is to Copy this web address and then paste to a window. https://

Try a pinterest media cache

There is something seriously wrong and funky going on.

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