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Originally Posted by Danny B View Post
Kim has inadvertently broken into the big leagues. He hasn't got a prayer. One submarine could take out everything in a few minutes.
He executes anyone who seems to be wavering. Sooner or later, somebody will slip a shiv into his throat.
While everybody is looking at Korea, Israel claims that there is NO government in Syria. This means that there is no problem with them expropriating the Golan and all the gas under it. The same is true for Palestine. There just happens to be a lot of gas off the coast.
Israel has signed a big deal to sell the gas in the Golan. The who's-who of the deal is stinky as can be.
Genie Oil: The Syria, Goldman Sachs, Israel, ISIS connection

That's it man!

Kim, Israeli De-Facto Government, and all De-Facto Gov's are in big trouble... God, Karma, and universal energy will ensure those who disadvantage humans and the earth will pay dearly.
"Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God." - Benjamin Franklin + Thomas Jefferson

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