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Forum redirect or malware false flag

Not sure where to put this so I'm posting this here.

Links on my thread and others are now re-directed to a malware warning: As though Google is now labeling all links, not jut some but all links, to malicious malware.
Advise all links to be cut and pasted to a new window.

Example: This is the redirect to a malware warning.

Original link that I posted. First attempt to follow the link took me to a malware warning. Now suddenly the link is working correctly. Someone is messing with links from our site. > Unusual Craft > ARV Cutaway > Unusual Craft > ARV Cutaway

Even the original link has been changed and now a cut and past takes you to a page without the drawing present. Possibly a cloned site? Second cut and past took me to
google browser search page.

My Thread.
An Inquiry in to the Alien Reproduction Vehicle

Private message also says this;
"tried to read the thread.
text keeps bouncing around (started about a month ago on this forum)
makes it not that possible to read."

Anyone else having issues?
Comments, thoughts, issues, other?

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