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*I wanted to go back to the central column once more because of possibility of potential fusion processes. Sketches by McCandlish featured in a video shows drawing which were based on what abductee said the interior of UFO's looked like. Those sketchs show what appeared to resemble the general arrangement of current flows inside a Brikeland Current. These currents are the proposed sources for Star and planetary formations resulting from Z-pinches, and a Brikeland Current also resembles the flow of energies in a tornado or EHD vortex.

Today, the ideas involving fusion systems seem to not understand that this process creates matter out of energy. Primarily it creates metals, but can produce virtually anything element wise; gases, liquids, and solids, but fusion is by nature a process which also creates gravity. It would have to create gravity if a fusion process is at the very core of Stars. So a fusion process is a matter creation business as much as it is an energy creation business, and as this business may concern power generation inside UFO's because there are incidents where UFO's have been reported to be dribbling bits of what appeared to be molten metal, as if there were a breakdown going on inside the machine, but which could be seen as the dumping of matter created by a fusion process.

These drawings, together with reports, and some trace evidence, does suggest that some type of similar activity may be taking place which mimics or is a hybrid fusion process that may be using a less complex means to produce a fusion result. The main idea is to see the cross relationships in energy systems because of a potential for gravity creation.

For the doubters whom may not believe in alien abductions.

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