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"Lenz Reversal"

Quote from JLN's video posted above:

"Here an interesting experiment about the Delayed Lenz Effect which shows that the normal Lenz effect can be reversed"

JLN starts off with his stator coil 1 mm from the magnet rotor. He shorts the coil and the rotor slows down and the input rises. (Normal Lenz Drag effect)

JLN then moves the stator coil back on the core to a distance of 30 mm from the magnet rotor and shorts the coil a second time. The rotor speeds up and the input drops. (Lenz reversal effect)

Fusionchip's "Piggyback stator Coil" is free to move along his ferrite core just like JLN's. The position of Fusionchip's piggyback coil can generate "Lenz Reversal" just like JLN's output coil at the "Wave Reflection Distance"!

The major difference between these two setups is that Fusionchip's power coil shares the ferrite core with the power coil and is not separated from it like JLN's. This gives Fusionchip's "Piggyback Output" coil the additional advantage of generating power from "Flyback" pulse recovery. This twofold advantage apparently resulted in a demonstrated overunity loop. This "Lenz Reversal" effect was poorly understood at the time of Fusionchip's video.

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