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Thank you!

Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
Again thank you. I wasn't sure anyone gave a damn or not so it's nice to see that there are some.

I'm really not capable of taking this much further without help. I am confident that the primary systems have been identified, their principles of operation have been deduced and clarified, and now it remains to take each part and to create some small working models.

It's clear that the Biefield Brown Capacitive Discharge is one part of this machine, that there is a vortex EHD tube creating a kind of synthetic tornado inside, and which is liberating energies to feed the system, and then there is a system which gathers ions from the surrounding atmosphere, just as a real tornado would, and in that system it feeds these energies in to the central column.

After those systems it gets sketchy for me because I lack enough knowledge to really make accurate deductions. There appears to be another part to the system. These machines appear to also cycle a ion field around the shells/hulls, which produces a coanda effect, and then there may be more still where a plasma may be generated which engulfs the machine. So extra things to think about and talk about. It's unclear right now precisely how much of these other features are involved in creating lifting/controlling forces, or whether they exist for the benefit of defeating radar and or weapons, and to also obscure the actual vehicle from photographic and visual view.
Ya man, a lot of us care and desire to be using the type of Tech we all should.

I've spent years going over numerous people's work on the crafts but still am unclear on an actual direct path... more an assortments of approaches often involving either mercury crystal or both in combination with electromagnets and permanent magnets. I've studied Otis T. Carr's craft design, David Hammels, and more. I am still in the dark on a direction to go and start building.

Joe Newman had a few things to say about EM Crafts next time I am around a helium balloon I will try his experiment with the electromagnet wrap around the balloon.

I still need to watch the entire lectures posted above, maybe that will give me more clarity and a specific path to start building.

Any advice or materials you have as a blueprint for building these please pass them along.

Otis T. Carr: Otis T Carr Flying Saucer

David Hamel: David Hamel's Spaceship

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