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The next component is an energy collection system. The first part to understanding this system is in understanding it's source of power. Since Star and planets are the end products of high energy Z-pinches it then follows that, in space, it would be natural to travel generally along the same highways which feed power to celestial bodies. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that would be a requirement since this machine is powered by ions and is capable of collecting ions in space as well as in the atmosphere of earth.

UFO's are of course noted for their predilection to lurk about high energy power sources; transmission lines, volcano's, thunderstorms, and so forth. On earth energies from space continually enter our surrounding atmosphere from the Galactic Cosmic Rays.

"Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCRs) arriving from deep space bombard the Earth’s atmosphere around-the-clock creating trillions of naturally occurring electrically charged ions throughout the atmosphere."

Our atmosphere is an electrical atmosphere. Most of the ions in the surrounding environment are basically neutrally charged, containing only slight variations one way or the other, that is towards a positive charge or a negative charge. This is the natural order most of the time.

Supposedly 90% of the cosmic rays which strike the Earth's atmosphere are protons (hydrogen nuclei) and about 9% are alpha particles. These microscopic particles are traveling at *relativistic speeds, and when these particles strike an earthly ion they can knock off an electron sending it in to another nearby ion which then assumes a respective charge.

This is a hint of what is going on inside the central column of the ARV, and also why the EHD tornado is the "enabling" tool to produce energy for consumption.

In nature Cosmic Rays produced charged ions in Earths' Atmosphere. In the ARV, it's the EHD Vortex Tornado that produces free electrons via the counter-flowing ion fields and their subsequent collisions that liberate electrons, and which can be driven to a point where an "avalanche of electrons" begins to take place.

Notice that the wording is key since the Townsend Discharge Effect is never referred to as obtaining a runaway chain reaction as in nuclear physics. Ion collisions which produce free electrons, and which then effect a sustaining state are always referred to as obtaining an "Avalanche." Compare this to the terminology used to describe a nuclear chain reaction and you see that the only significant difference is that one is knocking electrons off of ions, whereas the other is referring to splitting atoms.

In my opinion the wording is semantics. A runaway condition in an ion field is akin to a chain reaction in nuclear physics. In the atmosphere a chain reaction, aka avalanche, of free electrons is what leads to atmospheric storming and is the enabling phenomena which leads to self sustaining whirl winds like tornados.

Now Ion Power Groups holds 26 patents on Ion Collection. This is good source for information. These people have done some real down to earth testing and proof of concept operations. Anyone interested should view their website.

Ion Power Group Home Page on Youtube.


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