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Originally Posted by Dingus View Post
I don't really know much about the ARV, but I just came to say the Biefield-Brown Effect does not use ion wind as anything other than a secondary effect. It works by producing an asymmetrical displacement field.
Yes, thank you, the machine energies/power are thought to be obtained from ions; first by way of a collection process, then, using a synthetic EHD Tornado to drive energies against each other to replicate an enclosed synthetic tornado, or an EHD Vortex, and which then creates the "*Townsend Discharge."

There is no relationship to T. Townsend Brown so there can be some confusion. Whereas the Townsend Discharge which takes place inside of tornado's involves ions, and it is in the understanding of the manner in which this happens, how and what is taking place inside of earthy tornado's, is what is important in so far as the management of ions is concerned.

A tornado is a model of a particle accelerator taken from nature. We have long known that particles smashed into each other generate power though various means. The Townsend Discharge created in a tornado is no different. It creates a run-away avalanche of free electrons.

An earthly tornado, as shown in the video, is a open air system. The forces which drive it also create aerodynamic forces which would not be associated with an enclosed synthetic tornado. We aren't trying to use ions for lift. We are using them to generate power which then drives the capacitors: Two separate applications which are related.

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