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Originally Posted by Sputins View Post
I’ve seen the documentary several times already and it is worthy of discussion as it is well made documentary with some in-depth insight indeed.

I think the central column could possibly be some arrangement involving mercury or a conducting fluid, made to vortex with large currents produced from some kind of n-machine like device, based on Faraday's rotating magnet concept?

Stan Deyo has also mentioned rotating conducting liquids in some of his videos.

As taught / shown in some of Don Scott’s videos, when (Birkland) currents enter via the poles of a planet, often there are zones of plasma, (Auroras) that are seen to turn clockwise, a shear zone between and a zone that turns anti-clockwise.

Simple experiments with currents passed through a conducting liquid also show a counter - clockwise rotation (outer) and another zone with a clockwise rotation (inner) (The famed Joe Cell also was said to do that, which also reported some anti-gravitic properties).

So here perhaps is the clockwise and counter clockwise motion, relating to the currents used to excite it.

Forum member “antigraviticsystem1” produced the TR-3b thread trying some basic mercury experiments, but I think he requires a high current, rather than a high potential?

I am confident that so called “anti-gravity” is a term that misleads… It may describe what the objective is, but since we don’t really know what causes gravity or can we produce it, then how can we anti-it?? - I think Wal Thornhill is onto something when he speaks of the certain charge and position of the nucleus within an atom which “sets” the gravitational charge or polarity of a given atom.

If that is true, then our Earth may indeed have hollow zones within it, where the neutral zones of the planets gravitic charge lay.

Interesting indeed.
Thank you for the thoughts. Primarily the information is directed at you people in the sincere desire that your knowledge and understanding will be applied towards a productive outcome. I will be posting some more information which I hope will be useful for fueling the creative fires. I also agree that the term "anti-gravity" is a bit misleading. Really we are talking gravity control, or modification.

I might add that this device is probably not as technically complex as a jet aircraft. The most complex part seems to be the base capacitors because of their relative size. Generally speaking, a primitive model is the first step after having created a rudimentary capacitor. Todate, models have lacked key parts. Aircraft and helicopter modelers know that their machines take time, energy, money, and love to create. Many are of very complex construction. All that is holding back a demonstration model is more comprehensive understanding of what is actually taking place inside of these types of machines. So far people have managed to deduce some aspects to these machines, but they lacked certain other knowledge, such as how quartz is involved. However, there's two important things to know about the capacitors. One is that they use a quartz, and, two, that quartz itself comes in left hand and right hand electro-optical patterns.

Quartz is a transducer and a crystal; the field of crystalline structures are of significance in ways which have not yet been mentioned. They are of extreme interest to researchers.

As you are undoubtedly aware, what that implies is a connection to cloaking, and which is also probably significant since this also implies the ability to reverse the charge potential, flip flopping them as it were. Not sure right now how important that is, but it could be all important depending on the way the charge potentials arrange themselves as obviously we wish to float upwards as opposed to sticking to the ground like we were on Jupiter.

Where we are is about the same as where the Wright Brothers started. There's stories and articles, there's some models, very primitive ones. None using advanced ideas like a quartz capacitor, and none using a Ion vortex tornado as a means to generate power. So that's where the state of public knowledge is at right now. However, unlike the Wright Brothers we do have a situation where the corporate state is willfully obstructing, and they are doing that, no questions about it. This story about the TR-3 using 250 thousand atmosphere's, or whatever; well it's gibberish: Complete nonsense and disinformation.

What's missing in my opinion is the understanding that this machine is like any other machine. It's constructed from a series of components just like an automobile is. There is a fuel tank, a motor, wheels, a steering wheel, and so forth. The McCandlish drawing is accurate. It is not disinformation in my opinion. Every part is fundamentally explainable as part of a comprehensive over-all system.

The Central Columns' Vortex works to liberate electrons in a manner which is similar to what happens when atoms undergo a chain reaction in an atomic bomb blast. It is not therefore accidental that the so called anti-gravity effects were noticed by the minds which first observed those early tests at trinity.

Universe gives us hints all the time: Little eye winks. So when we look at the EHD Tornado there we find that the power system in an earthly tornado is known as the "Townsend Discharge," and it is associated with the less well known Ramsauer-Townsend effect. So named for Carl Ramsauer (1879-1955) and John Sealy Townsend (1868-1957), and so there's this wink which Universe gives us to the famous T. Townsend Brown and the wink say's; follow me.

The Ramsauer–Townsend effect, also sometimes called the Ramsauer effect or the Townsend effect, is a physical phenomenon involving the scattering of low-energy electrons by atoms of a noble gas.

It's seems clear to me that the EHD Vortex Tornado is a critical component of the ARV design. The Townsend Discharge which takes place in the collisions of particles is a critical part of the design.

I cannot tell if this is a self-sustaining system or not. I think that it is capable of sustaining itself for as long as it's energy gathering system is cooled. That is the next part to this vehicle which I will talk about more later.

The vehicle gathers ions from the enviroment and feeds them to the EHD Vortex Tube and how this takes place is, perhaps, more sketchy but only because I lack any technical training or real knowledge about electronics, and so I have to do some rather dangerous deducting. So again, there is a good deal here where the members of this community could apply their knowledge.

Originally Posted by Sputins View Post
Forum member “antigraviticsystem1” produced the TR-3b thread trying some basic mercury experiments, but I think he requires a high current, rather than a high potential?
There are some revealing comments out and about in the wild wild world of cyberspace, and here is one of them, I call them plants or seeds. This one is especially revealing in my opinion. "A quartz crystal has many bridge connections to gravity when it' shape is fluxing at a rate equal to its' geometric logarithmic oscillations; setting up a micro-gravity bubble."

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