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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
Great thread beginnings Bob

This is what we need, we need simple learning tools and this is one
JOHN BEDINI uses all of the time. Get an energy pump/converter
running and use the double diode off one wire and collect off a

Energy collectors with antenna work great around my oscillators.

This is why we use the word "Conversion" or method of conversion.

We need to start slow from the beginning of things like this. What is
going on there?

I was listening to John B way back when and he was at the chalk
board explaining this and asked the same thing. The answer is easy.

We have no idea what energy is and how it works, that is the goal
of the question. The energy will travel in both directions not just
one way even though we are taught that a diode makes it SO!!.

Aaron just showed this in his latest Gray Tube video instruction.

Aaron is well aware of most of our ignorance on this and is the
most patient instructor I know. Check out Aaron's video explaining
how the diode doesn't work like we think it does. It is charging
backwards sometimes.

It may not be a one wire experiment but it explains more than
any video or instruction I have seen this year about the nature
of energy.

Also one wire and wireless go hand and glove.
Very thankful for that share BroMikey!

Yes, Aaron is very patient and understanding of how to calmly and efficiently communicate with people who are new to this world, while at the same time giving all the details an experienced individual would need to know.

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