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I’ve seen the documentary several times already and it is worthy of discussion as it is well made documentary with some in-depth insight indeed.

I think the central column could possibly be some arrangement involving mercury or a conducting fluid, made to vortex with large currents produced from some kind of n-machine like device, based on Faraday's rotating magnet concept?

Stan Deyo has also mentioned rotating conducting liquids in some of his videos.

As taught / shown in some of Don Scott’s videos, when (Birkland) currents enter via the poles of a planet, often there are zones of plasma, (Auroras) that are seen to turn clockwise, a shear zone between and a zone that turns anti-clockwise.

Simple experiments with currents passed through a conducting liquid also show a counter - clockwise rotation (outer) and another zone with a clockwise rotation (inner) (The famed Joe Cell also was said to do that, which also reported some anti-gravitic properties).

So here perhaps is the clockwise and counter clockwise motion, relating to the currents used to excite it.

Forum member “antigraviticsystem1” produced the TR-3b thread trying some basic mercury experiments, but I think he requires a high current, rather than a high potential?

I am confident that so called “anti-gravity” is a term that misleads… It may describe what the objective is, but since we don’t really know what causes gravity or can we produce it, then how can we anti-it?? - I think Wal Thornhill is onto something when he speaks of the certain charge and position of the nucleus within an atom which “sets” the gravitational charge or polarity of a given atom.

If that is true, then our Earth may indeed have hollow zones within it, where the neutral zones of the planets gravitic charge lay.

Interesting indeed.
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