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It is important to understand that the EHD Vortex Tornado demonstrated in John Iwaszkos' video is a demonstration of an open air system, and as such there are aerodynamic forces which are acting upon the paper tube in the video. These forces include the Bernoulli Effect, the Magnus Effect, and the Coanda Effect.

What seems most important is the understanding of counter flowing fields of energies and the subsequent liberation of electrons via collisions with the counter flow creating an avalanche condition, or run-away, as the term may be applied to atomic/nuclear physics.

Mysterious ARV Column?

The central column of the ARV has long been considered the most mysterious part of the vehicle. It appears to share some aspects of Brikeland Currents which are significant and which put it apart from a purely EHD Vortex Tornado.

Descriptions from abductee's of this column seem to describe a clear tube like plexiglass. It has counter rotating spirals inside similar to what the sketch in the previous attachment shows. Surrounding the tube is a series of rings also shown in the sketch.

Brikeland Current transport and current isolation. Basic Concepts.

Brikeland Currents can be viewed as the nerve fibers of the Universe. In a Brikeland Current electromagnetic energies are transported by way of self constructing electromagnetic rings. Initially a charge is ejected from some celestial body, say the Sun, and carried in to space. As the ejected column is passing through a surrounding electromagnetic field it self organizes electromagnetic rings around the flowing stream of energy (*typically plasmas).

Free traveling streams of energy are naturally attracted to any magnetic fields, and will therefore follow or seek out surrounding energies.

These currents create celestial bodies through a process of breakdown/collision and compression of counter flowing currents, and or, which may be returning back to the original source, or other connective sources which may be stars or planets that were formed along the way. This process is referred to as High Energy Z-Pinces, which are essentially galactic arc's and which produce matter. This is a fusion process, and when sustained it is the suspected basis for the formation of Stars and planets.

When the flow of energy begins a counter trend it is thought to fall either inwards upon itself or spill outwards over the otherwise free traveling stream of energy. Thus tubes inside of tubes are the fundamental design of nature in space traveling energies.

As the counter flow begins it is repelled from the otherwise attraction it would have to the energy which it came from due to the magnetic rings that are induced by the moving energy streams. Since these are now flowing in counter streams the magnetic fields are apposed and so the currents isolate themselves from one another. This is the normal state of affairs.

Surrounding the stream is another self forming series of electromagnetic fields, or rings, and which confine the energies. Thus Brikeland Currents are defined as tubes within tubes. It has been suggested that a series of magnetic rings with expanding and constricting points act as an electromagnetic venturi and accelerating the energy field inside. Thus forming a kind of pump.

An influx of energy from exterior to the tube may result in a Z-pinch which breaks the magnetic fields inside the primary tube creating an arc of high energy in a fusion pulse. If the point of electromagnetic constriction is maintained then a sustained fusion process begins to take place.

Returning now to the central column of the ARV, one can now logically see there appears to be a connection to energy transport in the design. The electromagnetic rings surrounding the exterior of the column can contain as well as accelerate. Physical wave guides in the form of embedded or otherwise formed spiral conductors can be controlled mechanically. Accelerating one or the other spiral as needed.

Now I'm hardly an authority here so undoubtedly there are a few mistakes, but again the idea here is to forward the primary ideas which are thought logical and empowering in this topic. For this reason I've attached this video from the Thunderbolts Project on this very topic. In other words, someone who actually knows what they are talking about in detail.

Donald Scott: Modeling Birkeland Currents, Part 1 | EU Workshop

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