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The next primary component to consider is the Central Column.

The central column is a feature described by UFO Abductees and essentially it is a tube with silvery grey matter inside, and in which there is described as a twisting in spirals and in counter rotation to each other.

A sketch is provided of a generalized theme derived from descriptions but it is only to be taken as one way to envision the described system. There may be no physical tubes as shown in the sketch. The entire vortex like arrangement may be self creating without a physical guide.

Either way our final conclusion is that the this central column is believed to be a synthetic Ion Vortex Tornado, or an Electro-Hydro-Dynamic-(EHD) Energy Tube.

Anti-gravitational effects were first observed in atomic bomb tests, and subsequently studies in earthly tornado's.

The dynamics of a tornado are the creation of dipole electric field along the spin axis, with a ground charge spiraling upwards towards the clouds, and the cloud charged ions spiraling in downwards to the earth.

In the ARV the EHD Tornado vortex tube is enclosed inside the vehicle. This system creats an avalanche of additional free electrons through the Townsend Discharge Effect. It is employing a gas ionisation process with a mercury vapor gas or similar usable gas.

This is a more advanced system over some existing models which are fundamentally similar.

Many people on this forum are familiar with JNL Labs.
The EHD Fs v2.0

The JNL Saucer is missing the tornado vortex gas ionization process.
Again it's useful to watch John Iwaszkos' video on this.

"Antigravity" Method 4 of 15,Tornado Ion Vortex, Electro-Hydro-Dynamic-Thruster-(EHD), Group IC
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