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If I am not mistaken Peter L. did an SSG using the 3 battery system
and left some of his multifilar connections open. Many have witnessed
some gains.

In Peter's case the run time was extended for a variety of possible
reasons, including this one. It would be great to see a circuit
verify that this open connection actually draws in energy.

When I put 4' or 8' fluorescent tubes into one side of the socket
it will light up even before I connect the other side. But that HV
open air connect even though lit is not free.

Any video that hides the input and output values is an insult to
honest experimenting when claims are made of FREE ENERGY.

This is my personal opinion, as I am not interested in a goose chase.

Put up the data or shut up If people want to tinker that is fine
just call it that. Any competent investigator knows when he or she
has exceeded the norm's of the present model's.

Good Day.
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