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An Inquiry in to the Alien Reproduction Vehicle

This post is intended to be a general informational post. It encompasses refined thoughts and deductions regarding a famous drawing that noted illustrator Mark McCandish made of a UFO, otherwise known as the Alien Reproduction Vehicle, and also known as the Flux Liner.
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*Starter Notes*
I did not arrive at these conclussions myself. At least one other member of this forum was involved and several other individuals outside of this forum as well. In addition, Mark McCandish freely provided valuable information he has since acquired from other sources which I will pass on.

We began examining the ARV Drawing with the following assumptions. One, that the drawing represented an accurate depiction of a working vehicle with a majority of components accurately depicted and located. Two, that the device was of primitive origin, with an estimated construction period of the early to mid 1950's, and with fundamental concepts dating from the last Global War, likely acquired form Nazi Germany. We worked on this for about two years using those assumptions.

With these thoughts guiding us, we then began a long and labored process attempting to deduce what each primary part of the vehicle was likely to be, and while limiting ourselves to the technological capabilities of the epoch.

What follows is then provided as food for thought and given specifically to people who have the technical know how to make further deductions on their own. This is therefore not a technical "how to" thread, though I hope that what is provided may lead to that kind of exchange among members more knowledgeable than myself.

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