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The Simplest Way to Create Free Energy for Ourselves is to Make our own Capacitors.

Ever wonder why capacitor kits containing a stock of assorted sizes don't contain anything less than 10pF? That's because 1pF is the beginning of a free energy device capable of achieving overunity. If you come away with anything from watching all of my video simulations, then come away with this. It's time we made our own.

It's not hard. I made mine from glass plates from the hardware store and aluminum foil from the grocery store. But it's not that hard to make efficiently plated glass by learning how to plate thin metallic films onto both sides of a pane of glass to produce capacitors of either a few pico Farads, or even less at around a few tens of femto Farads - essentially a mirror, but with both of its sides covered with metallic film.

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