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Phil Nelson & analysis public address systems. Anything can be made out of anything.

The Theory of Infinite Anything is no different than Einstein's Theory of Relativity. If Ee equals Em times Cee squared for fusion and fission reactions at the nuclear level, then why not something similar for electrical and magnetic dynamics as well?

Electrical and magnetic dynamics comes out of the copper and iron and dielectric plastic and glass and ceramic and what not within our electrical circuits. It does not come from the power source alone. That plays a significant role, but is only one player in this drama. Ultimately, the symphonic performance won't get played without its players. In other words, the orchestral conductor is not enough to make music. It is these copper and iron and ceramic (dielectrics within capacitors) who perform the electrical and magnetic presentation. The power source is the role of a symphonic conductor giving his/her own interpretation of the composer's work - but not creating it. So, although the power company bills us for its delivery of our appliances' daily performances, it is our appliances who are the real celebrities. Without them, electrical dynamics would never flourish.

I say this because surges can arise from within a circuit resulting in oscillations which could escalate towards infinite values of wattage and amperage, etc. This requalifies the role of the material substances within the circuit as being more significant than the power source.

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