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Cool Simulating Surges and Oscillations of Overunity derived from Eric Dollard's LMD

Picking up from where I left off at ...

Barbosa and Leal Developed as a Bionic Device

... I thought it might be time enough and over due to break free of that thread since I probably will have nothing more to say on that topic. And I'm spending all of my time simulating a derivative of Eric Dollard's LMD module used as a power supply. So, I'll begin this thread with Paul Falstad's simulator ...

Circuit Simulator Applet

I've taken the liberty of substituting the two inductors on either side of an LMD module with a transformer thus isolating this module from the other parts of the circuit built up around it.

I use this link ...

... to load binary text files into which contain my saved handiwork.

I'll start this thread with ...

Sunburst Simulation of Free Energy from a Twelve Volt Battery giving Tens of Volts and Micro Watts

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