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Originally Posted by LeeBob84 View Post
So I connected everything up for testing and have run a few tests on the coil with my frequency generator. My initial tests were not what i was hoping to see as the secondary was resonating closer to 600khz rather than the 800khz I am shooting for. So I went back to my books to look over my initial calculations for the coil to see if i was mistaken, and I have found that somehow I messed up on my calculation for coil diameter. It was calculated originally to be 18 turns at 4'10" to be 247' winding. But when you do the math on that 4.84*3.14=15.2*18=273.6. So this means that I am going to have to reduce the diameter of my coil to 4' 4 1/2" to bring my coil to the desired 247'. 4.375*3.14=13.74*18=247.32. Time to start unwrapping and rebuilding.

now is a good time to start thinking like a ham. simply short out a winding, or 2, or 3...? to get your f up, it will still give you proof of concept. Minor L/D issues wont kill the project.
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