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2017 Energy Conference

We've been behind in our updates due to spending a few weeks closing down John Bedini's company and we apologize for that.

  • JEFF MOE - THE GOLD MAGNET. Jeff will give a 1 hour presentation on Friday night after dinner. He will demonstrate the magnet that picks up gold, copper or any non-ferrous metal - his uncle is the original inventor of this. You will also walk away with the plans on how to build one for yourself.
  • AARON MURAKAMI - HACKING THE AETHER. It's easier to point you to the talk description here: 2017 Speakers ? 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference
  • AL FRANCOEUR - ELECTRICITY, GRAVITY, MAGNETISM & SINGULARITY. Al has stayed low key for the last few years and is ready to share some of his work. He has the largest collection of original Ed Gray motors in the world and some he has partially restored. He will also be giving details on the mysterious power supply and has apparently unraveled, no pun intended, the secret as to how the coils were wound. This is an exclusive disclosure that we have all been waiting for! His talk may be somewhat esoteric, but he will give hard core technical details on the power supply and coils, which powered one of the highest COP machines that was ever built.

There are 207 registrations for 150 seats, which is 138% - 83 of 150 seats are paid for (55%) and only 67 unpaid seats are left. These seats will start going fast now that we have less than 3 months to go.

If you have not yet registered, you can do that here - seats will go to anyone that submits payment first so you can still register and pay: Registration & Cost ? 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference

See you at the conference!

Aaron Murakami
Aaron Murakami

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