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Thanks again for the intel Danny B!

Yes, fortunately Putin knows of the "old dragons/serpents" as he calls them who call the shots and knows this was intentionally not a major move, more of a territorial piss on a fire hydrant to intimidate the other dog.

Yes, the slow boil for the frog has been getting cranked up exponentially higher and even "unaware" individuals to the world scam are seeing through the BS.

As long as the stock markets stay solid, we really shouldn't have an all out war... if the markets begin to tank you better bet the neocons have decided to convert from public corporate to an all out effort in military corporate operations and want to profit from arms and nation building (of course after we are the ones destroying that nations infrastructure). [Stock Markets are privately owned TRUSTS and manipulated by the elite, THEY ARE NOT AS THEY CLAIM THEM TO BE AND ARE NOT SAFE INVESTMENTS!!! PONZI SCHEME]

Things are brighter on the horizon, but we are still in dusk and have some time until the dawn.

Our internal and collective consciousness is directly mirrored by the actions in the waking/exterior world... Come on humanity, WAKE THE F UP!!!


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