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In your face,,, the reality of war

Kunstler, "The current incident appears to be — or was engineered to be — a replay of the August 2013 gas incident that left President Barack Obama looking weak and indecisive for not carrying out retaliation against Assad “crossing a line in the sand” against human decency.
And so you have Mr. Trump, who may feel now that he cannot afford to appear weak and indecisive — above all other considerations, including the truth about what really happened at Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib province of Syria. So he bombed an airport, after warning the Russians to remove their personnel from the vicinity. In the event that the world ever does learn what actually occurred at Khan Sheikhoun, and the truth turns out differently than the current narrative, Mr. Trump can say, “We only bombed some Syrian air force infrastructure… no biggie"
Bombs Away! - KUNSTLER

4/09 Trump just yanked the Russia card right out of Democrats’ hands – CNBC
4/09 Syria strike brings rare criticism for Trump from France’s Le Pen – MSN
4/09 Alt-right goes “apoplectic” over Trump’s decision to bomb Syria – Vanity Fair
4/09 The world at a crossroads in Syria – Spiegel
4/09 US missile strikes in Syria cross Russian ‘red lines’ – Russia Insider

Trump is a negotiator. With immigration, he pushed a position that some wanted. That position was shown to be unworkable. The neocons want war with Russia and Iran. There are armored battalions within a few hundred miles of Moscow. He has crossed "red lines" with Russia in Syria.
The neocons used the "boiling frog" approach to a buildup for war with Russia. Then, they would provide a provocation that would push things over the edge. Trump has marched the world right up to within shouting distance of all out war with Russia. The backlash serves to shine a light on the reality of another world war.
Even Nigel Farage has attacked Trump,,, along with Le Pen. The "boiling frog" has just been shown a thermometer.
The Europeans are forced to evaluate the "transgressions" of Russia in an honest light. The (older) Europeans can easily recall the massive horrors of the last 2 world wars. Trump is forcing the world to make a clear evaluation of what the next step would bring.
He was accused of collaborating with Russia. Now, people are hoping that he starts collaborating with Russia.
Once the tanks start to roll, it is too late.
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