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Danny B, YES, far beyond reporting!

Thank you for your skilled service!

Yes I am a very open minded individual and know we're only being told things from media b/c we're supposed to know/believe what they say at that time.

I too strongly believe both Putin & Trump DO NOT want war. I am well aware of the ones you call neocons. They're modern day elite imperialists who get their jollies from genocides and using Non-Profits like Doctors Beyond Boarders, Green Peace, Red Cross, etc... They have no regard for human life, for all we know they're not even fully human. The ones calling the shots whose names we do not even know... goes far beyond Rothschild, Buffet, Soros, Branson, Queen, etc...

Thank you again for your patronage and commitment to humanity!

Will definitely keep my eyes/ears tuned to this post as we continue, thank you so very much for your detailed info shared!

Truly appreciate all of the specs you shared. There's no way we missed that many targets on accident, I am with you!

God Bless!

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