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So, what was actually blow up?

ET-Power, I try to get beyond just reporting. Naturally, i have to go out on a limb to do projections. Neither Putin, nor Trump want a war. Assad sure doesn't. The neocons want a war with Russia and hope to get it initiated with a bigger war in Syria. They want to provide a causus belli. The neocons are rabidly crazy. It doesn't help that there is a lot of oil in the Golan Heights of Syria.
Remember the WMD in Iraq. The truth came out after a while. Trump knows this very well. To satisfy the war-mongers, Trump immediately fired a BUNCH of missiles into Syria. I carefully read the damage reports. It is doubtful that the missiles hit anything of any consequence. Trump said that this is a one off response. He is buying time for the truth to come out.
Ron Paul said that MOSSAD was responsible for the gas attack. With American involvement, all poisonous gas was removed from Syria years ago.
Assad has everything to lose by attacking;

I believe that Trump fired off a big bang that really didn't do any damage. If Ron Paul is correct, I imagine that the truth will come out fairly soon.
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