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Thank You BroMikey!

Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post

Well you can use whatever you have, like a transistor as a switch,
quick and painless. The transistors selected work well for Bedini.

Each way of switching offers a slightly different result almost like
cooking each time you change the recipe.

I like the John K. points system as a test. The points do switching
that very few circuits can perform and the idea of have a wheel
running up a battery with no circuit is cool to me.

Get your feet wet first using the transistors. mjL21194 for 12v
battery charging. If you want to charge a 24v bank use the brother
transistor MJL4281a, it has a 350 peak vs the 200v peak.

I hadn't heard of or came across the MJL4281a, thank you! Even though this has a slower switching rate than the MJL21194 it has a higher gain an can handle higher V spikes as you shared.

Does the higher gains and peak V allow for an overall better transistor compared to the MJL21194 with faster switching?

If so, definitely going to buy stock in the MJL4281a instead of the MJL21194.

Have you experimented with pairing NPN's and PNP's multiplying them out per coil for greater balance and gain in the system?

Thank you sincerely, about to make some orders and experiment soon.

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