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Thank You!

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
You are correct as long as there is a TRIGGER wire on the coil that triggers the transistor.
Thank you Aaron!

1) When running magnets N - S - N - S (alternating), does anything special need to be done with the coil configuration? For example, do the coils need to be opposite poles to continue switching properly (as in the all N motor/generator)? Or no changes are needed when producing AC from an SG circuit and motor/generator... everything is the same?

2) Has anyone on here ever tried multiple trigger coils on a multi coil system? Is there an increase in switching time and overall efficiency? I would think that is a possibility.

I am about to experiment with the multiple trigger coils;
+ stacking transistors in parallel to ease up on the current running though them and hope they switch at a greater efficiency with higher gains;
+ adding a PNP (MJL21193) to the NPN (MJL21194) and try multiplying out the circuit to see greater gains (I intuited this concept, but looked online and found out it's called a "sziklai pair"...

Anyone experimented and care to share any comments on the above?


P.S. I'll finally be buying the complete Bedini Trilogy! ! ! YAY! ! ! God Bless His Soul & His Family!

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