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Ok Magician, I see your very angry with your neighbors and listening none stop to professors at university, and to MSM, it's hard to see beyond the destruction of the planet. We all live here, nobody wants to see the environment destroyed. I have kids, no body wants that.

It was an analogy, for instance instead of taking a dump on my property my neighbor sprayed roundup on his field and it drifted onto my property and my whole house wreaked of herbicide. My other neighbors have cattle which **** in the creek which runs through my property near my well. It's all legal and they have the right to make a profit but fundamentally I am paying for their !@#$ing ignorance.

In the big picture this is what most corporations do and emissions causing acid raid do damage somewhere, polluting water ways does damage somewhere and air pollution does damage somewhere and someone else pays the price. The corporations don't pay and the little tax they pay does not even begin to cover the damage they do to the environment. We live in the environment so in effect this does damage to us. Pretty !@#$ing simple, cause and effect.

There is no free lunch and if you break it then you fix it.
So, I really don't want you to blow a fuse, but maybe you could hear me out, just once. Just once, without going off, just think about this....

The roundup the farmer sprays is poison, your right, it should be outlawed.
But instead of getting worked up with the farmer, who may not know any better, think about Who stops it from being banned.

So you said on a different thread this, speaking of president Trump,

Complete BS and as I said he has gutted the EPA and most environmental regulations giving corporations free reign to destroy the planet.
Now, again, without going off, think for a moment. It's the EPA who allows roundup, Monsanto, to poison the planet, right, so read this

Shocking letter from dead EPA scientist reveals EPA bureacrats being bribed by Monsanto to hide scientific evidence of glyphosate causing cancer –

So the EPA works for Monsanto, they work for the corporations. They allow the corporations to pollute, but they destroy the little guy.

Also, more of their handiwork..

They should have been charged. And the lead in the water, in Flint Michigan. Criminal.

So, when Trump wants to end the EPA, why would that be a bad thing?
There are still going to be pollution laws, just no taxpayer funded beauocrat crimals. They are the ones who allow corporations to pollute, just not me and you. It's an organization owned by corporations. How can you think ending the EPA is a bad thing?
Are you ok? . Did you follow the links?

Now, in terms of the cattle, dumping in the creek, well, I feel for you, and if there's e.coli in your water, well, you should be able to get that stopped.
But, was the rancher there first, then people moved in and now the rancher has to go, well that's not fair either, they may have been ranching there for generationS.

Your also quite able to speak, why not rally the locals and get the laws changed in you area, change the laws.
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