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Yeah we are war with a bunch of little boys who can't even grow
a pair and who would want to when gender neutral is more politically
correct. You can't tell who you should shake hands with or if the weirdo
wants you as his boyfriend.

After all these emotional males raised by Muma respond exactly like
a sow on steroids. Hand on the hip, the whole woman thing manifesting
from a so call man. I am not blaming them because they did not have a
choice rather am making an observation looking at the current population.

Of course they want everything and they want it now handed to them
without earning it because most women teach this to their male children
without even realizing it. Women have their worth taking care of
children and deserve to be given money to buy things. This is normal.

But when a man acts like this it is unbecoming because God made man
to work by the sweat of his brow to provide for himself and the household
he is a leader of as he reproduces little ones after his likeness.

Today that is not the way many think, my statements are an offense.


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