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laying global warming to bed

Rod Martin Jr. American InterContinental University
Too many are fussing over the CO2 quantities and missing the larger picture. We currently live in an ongoing Ice Age interglacial, commonly called the Holocene. And this won't change so long as those two little white things at the poles persist and we have not yet plunged back into another glacial period. But, oops! We're currently overdue for a return to glacial conditions, based on average interglacial lengths of the current Ice Age.

The fact that the UN, NASA, Al Gore and others are shouting "earth's fever" while we're experiencing a minor thaw in an Ice Age, shows just how psychopathic some people have become on this topic. Most of Earth's history has been something like 10C warmer than today and with 1600 ppm CO2 (4x current levels). No runaway greenhouse effect. Why? Because the positive feedbacks are cancelled out by the negative feedbacks of evaporative cooling and cloud cover reflectivity.

Time to start preparing for Frozen Climate or to start clearing the stupidity from our minds and working together to end the current Ice Age.

Tom C
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