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Hey magician, can I just call you mr. Smoke and mirrors, is that ok

Oh I didn't know you knew all those kids personally and know what they want. As well I wonder how many republican kids applied for the same grants(free money)?, so your biased and petty argument holds no weight
My argument? what's the agrument? Your arguing, I'm right. The Bernie and Hillary supports are democrats, they are the left. There's no arguement. Them the facts.
The facts are liberals want the socialist sh@t. Them the facts.
I'm sure there are republican kids who applied for grants. That means nothing.
I never said grants, I said they want free secondary education, not grants. Can't you read and comprehend.
And conservatives, whether they're kids or adults, do not want tax payer funded, parties for university kids, taken courses where there will never be jobs.
Do you understand... not grants,.. free sh@t. Free university. Of course paid for by hard working people who have their money stolen.
If you want to argue with that, go ahead, but how about some facts to back up your bullsh@t, instead of your opinions, which I, and most, think are completely wrong.
Try backing up your big mouth with some facts. I haven't seen you post one fact, ever. Lots of hot air and azz backward opinions, but no facts.

You are a free loader are you not?. You want jobs and wealth but your not willing to pay for the environmental damage you cause which has a very real tangible dollar value. The right is about gutting environmental protection and making taxpayers clean up the mess at some point in the future as we can see from Trump's policy. So by definition you are the worst kind of free loader, one in denial that you have done anything wrong.
Sorry, but your wrong again. I'm no freeloader, I paid more taxes last year then most of my friends even made. I pay way more then I recieve, from social programs.
What environmental damage do I cause, that I don't pay for? What are you talking about? I already pay more then my fair share. Maybe if the government and the other socialists, like you, lived within your means, instead of getting free sh@t that I pay for, maybe that would take a big bite out of pollution, waste, and over consumption. Stop supporting consumption for people who can't afford it. Stop socialism.
The right isn't about polluting the planet and having tax payers clean it up, are you stupid?
The right doesn't believe in taxes, first of all, and second of all, we don't believe in polluting either. I believe in laws to punish polluters, but I'm not paying for your crap.
Just beacause someone thinks man made global warming is bullsh@t, which it is, doesn't mean we think polluting is good, big difference, can your mind comprehend that, is it possible?
I'm not in denial, I'm in reality, I own and look after 300 acres of forest. It's managed by me, looks like a park. It's beatiful.
You assume a lot, but you are wrong.

You don't mind if I take a dump in your back yard then do you?. I mean if it makes me money and creates jobs then it's all good isn't it?. Less government, less taxes for me and you have no right to invade my privacy while I do it. I will just bend over and takes a dump in your back yard whenever I feel the need and everyone should be okay with that?. This is the premise of your ridiculous argument isn't it?.

Your !@#$ing argument doesn't have a leg to stand.
What a ridiculous thing to say. I'd love to catch you taking a dump in my backyard, that I worked and paid for, I'd shoot you a new crap hole in your thick skull. At least beat you silly.
Your logic is flawed, you want to trespass on my property, vandalize it, and say your privacy is not invaded. Your invading my private property, and my privacy, by taking a dump on my private land, that I look after.
Your argument makes no sense. Remember when I told you conservatives value property rights. By doing what you said, you would not be respecting mine rights. Faulty logic, stupid. Liberal swine.

That was the most ridiculous arguement I ever heard. Although you do have some azz backward beliefs, but that was the most stupid, by far. Come on, give us some real facts to support what you say, instead of half baked opinions, Mr. smoke and mirrors. Do you have any?
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